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About Us

Forestry is perhaps the most complex profession in the world, and we have many problems yet to solve

SilviaTerra is a small team of foresters, biometricians, and programmers dedicated to expanding our understanding of forests and strengthening our ability to manage these complex and vital ecosystems. Combining our expertise in biometrics with the latest developments in remote sensing, big data, cloud computing, and mobile, SilviaTerra can solve your forest inventory problems with a fraction of the time and cost of conventional cruising.

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End-to-End support for your forest inventory.

Using Remote Sensed Data
to stretch your Inventory Spend

Online Cruise Workflow
and Inventory Analysis

Free Cruise Data Collection App
for iOS and Android

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Plot Reduce

Cut Inventory Cost in Half

Join the TIMOs, REITs, and government agencies that are using Plot Reduce to stretch their inventory budgets farther than ever before. Contact us today to get more inventory for fewer dollars.

Plot Reduce is your informational advantage

Fewer plots, same accuracy

Cruise Smarter

Our patent-pending Plot Reduce process uses advanced stratification techniques to significantly reduce the number of plots you need to measure.

Customized Reports

We understand that every organization has different specs for inventory data, and we're experts at customizing the output of Plot Reduce to read seamlessly into your systems.

Cruising apps should work
for you.
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Design your cruise online
Our tools make it easy to build your cruise protocol from any computer

Assign to Cruisers
Assign plots to employees or contract cruisers. They can collect data for free with Plot Hound

Analyze and Report
Work up a full inventory based on your cruise data. You can even set your own merchantability specs and report volumes.

At SilviaTerra, we manage a team of cruisers spread out across the US and didn't have time to deal with complex setup and data compilation.

We needed a cruising work flow and reporting system that just worked.
So we built Canopy.

Let Canopy make your life easier too: Get started now
canopy grid layout species by acre

Data collection should be
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Plot Hound

Runs on Android and iOS
Use the smartphone or tablet you already own

Simple is beautiful
Cruising is intuitive, sleek, and fast

Mobile app, reports, unlimited data storage - all free

At SilviaTerra, we manage a team of cruisers spread out across the US. We wanted an app that could run on anyone's smart phone, and make it easy to collect data in the field.

We needed a cruising app that could work anywhere.
So we built Plot Hound.

Let Plot Hound work for you, too: Get started now
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Our Team

Team Member
Zack Parisa, MFS
Team Member
Max Nova
Team Member
Nan Pond, PhD
Lead Biometrician
Team Member
Charlie Wade, MS
Forest Technologist
Team Member
Henry Rodman, MS
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And you?


SilviaTerra is looking to expand its team.

If you'd like to help us change the way forests are managed, we can offer you a good salary, and the ability to work remotely, just about anywhere in the world. If you'd like to join our remote team, take a look at our listings and get in touch.


340 S Lemon Ave #2246 Walnut, CA 91789

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