The best way to manage the cruising process for individuals or teams.


Cruise setup, management, and reporting - all in one place

Send out plot locations, get clean, consistent cruise data back.

Used by some of the biggest TIMOs and REITs in the US









“Canopy is how I coordinate work with my contract force without the burden of providing hardware and software support. No more emailing Excel sheets back and forth!”

Rodney Tweedy

Weyerhaeuser - Athens, GA

“Canopy and Plot Hound are our silent partners. Our productivity in the field and final profitability is in large part based on them. I can't imagine working in the field without SilviaTerra's continuous support”

Nick Smith

Northeast Natural Resource Management - VT

“The Canopy / Plot Hound combo really maximizes my efficiency and streamlines everything for my company"

Chris Lohmann

Heartland Forest Consulting - Ashland, MO

One Solution For Your Whole Team

Canopy makes it easy for everyone on your cruising team to collaborate. No more emailing files back and forth - with Canopy all of your data is in one place and accessible from your computer, phone, or tablet.


Set up cruises, assign plots, monitor progress, and view reports


Download plot locations and upload cruise data


These are other companies you can assign cruises to. They can only view cruises assigned to them.

Works With Any Data Recorder

There are a lot of ways to collect cruise data out there - from paper tallies and legacy Windows CE devices to smartphones and tablets. With Canopy, you don't have to worry about that.

Canopy's job is to make sure you can send plots out and get clean, consistently formatted data back. Your cruisers can use whatever cruising hardware and software they feel most comfortable with in the field.

Sending cruises out

Plot Hound - seamlessly pulls down new cruises assigned to each cruiser

SHP/KML/GPX - for cruisers not using Plot Hound, a variety of geospatial files containing the stand bounds and plot locations are available from the Canopy website along with the cruise specification.

Getting clean plot data back

Plot Hound - one press of a button sends cruise data back to Canopy

T-Cruise and ForestMetrix - upload files directly to canopy, see here for more details.

Excel - for cruisers using paper tallies or any other cruising method, Canopy offers a simple Excel-based format for uploading cruise data

Always Getting Better

Unlike software you install on your desktop, Canopy is always getting better. We push out improvements to the Canopy website every week. You don't have to manage software licenses or install updates - just log on to the Canopy website and you're always up to date.

Recent improvements include:

  • T-Cruise and Forest Metrix integration
  • Customizable merchantability specifications
  • Localized stem profile equations
  • More detailed volume reports

From Our Team to Yours

When we first started SilviaTerra in 2010, we contracted out lots of cruises and started getting faxes of tally-sheets back. Organizing and cleaning the incoming stream of different data formats (and format errors!) was a mess.

We wanted an fast and easy way to send out complete cruise information and get clean data back without being locked into some expensive system. We wanted to stop wasting time coordinating back and forth over phone and email. We didn't want to deal with installing software, buying dedicated hardware, messing around with wires, emails, etc. We wanted a web platform that just worked.

No existing solution was as simple or easy as we wanted, so we decided to build Canopy. Today, thousands of cruisers at some of the biggest forestry organizations in the US use Canopy to cruise hundreds of thousands of plots each year.

We use Canopy for our business and so should you.

Cruise Setup

We built Canopy to be the fastest and easiest way to set up a cruise. Forget menus, submenus, wires, and instruction manuals - you can set up a cruise in 60 seconds with Canopy.

Set up Stand Bounds

You can draw your stand bounds by hand on top of a satellite image or import a Shapefile, KML, or GPX.

Lay out Plots

Canopy will guide you through a few simple questions to determine the number of plots you need and to set up your plot grid.

That's it! Now you're ready to cruise with Plot Hound or to download your plot locations and cruise any way you like.

Canopy also has some options for power users:

Customize your merch specs

Canopy makes it easy to specify your merchantability specifications for all the different products in your area.

Bulk cruise setup

If you're setting up many cruises at once, Canopy makes it easy to upload a shapefile with a few additional columns to automatically generate all of your cruises at once.

Cruise Management

Canopy makes managing cruises easy - whether you're cruising on your own or managing a team of 40 cruisers across hundreds of stands.

Reassign plots

Is production slower than expected? Need to shuffle some plots around because someone called in sick? Canopy makes it easy to reassign plots.

View cruise progress

Wondering how a cruise is going? Canopy makes it easy to see who has completed each plot and which plots are still incomplete.

Search/Filter cruises

Got a lot of cruises happening at once? Canopy helps you focus on what's important to you by filtering your cruises by several easy to use filters.

Cruise Reporting

Canopy automatically generates a wide variety of informative reports as soon as your cruise is completed. Just upload your cruise and by the time you're back at the office, the following reports will be available on your Canopy account

Raw Data

Your raw cruise data is compiled into an Excel spreadsheet. The raw cruise data includes all the information you collect in the field.

Species-diameter distribution

The basic report contains graphics showing the species-diameter distribution as well as a stand table that shows trees per acre and basal area per acre by species and diameter class.

Volumes, stats, merch specs Premium

The premium reports contain detailed volume estimates for each species/product. This includes total volume per species/product and a more detailed stock table that shows volume in each diameter class. We also provide standard error estimates for trees per acre, basal area per acre, QMD, and volume to give an indication of the reliability of the cruise.

The premium reports use SilviaTerra's merchantability specifications system to buck your trees into the correct products. In the merch specs you can define your product rules, including the available species, product dimensions, and volume units. You can have your volumes reported in tons, Doyle, International ¼, Scribner, and cubic feet.


Canopy seamlessly integrates with several other useful forest inventory services:

SilviaTerra Integrations

Plot Hound

We built Plot Hound to be the easiest and fastest way to cruise.


Get better data with fewer plots through the power of SilviaTerra's imagery-assisted cruising.

Third-Party Integrations


Export your cruise as an Excel file and then use Canopy's "T-Cruise upload" feature to import your T-Cruise data to Canopy

Forest Metrix

Export your cruise as an Excel file and then use Canopy's "Forest Metrix upload" feature to import your Forest Metrix data to Canopy


Do you have custom data collection or reporting needs that go beyond the standard Canopy features? Custom volume tables? Additional statistical workups? Need dedicated support? We help some of the largest forestry organizations in the US manage their cruising workflow.

Email us at to talk with our forest inventory experts about your biggest data management challenges.



For companies with less than 5 cruisers, Canopy is free to manage your cruising workflow. Let SilviaTerra handle all the reporting - including volumes. Learn more about our custom merchantability specs and other premium reporting capabilities at one of our live online webinars, hosted weekly to help get you set up and cruising.

  • unlimited cruises
  • basic reports
  • 5 cruisers
  • Limited support

$ 0


For larger organizations, you get all the premium reports and up to 25 cruisers for your organization. You can also assign work to contract cruisers.

  • unlimited cruises
  • premium reports
  • 25 cruisers
  • contract cruising
  • customizable fields
  • email support

$ 250 month


Some of the largest forestry companies in the US use Canopy + Plot Hound to manage their cruising data flow. Contact us today to see how SilviaTerra can streamline your inventory process.

  • unlimited cruises
  • premium reports
  • custom reports
  • unlimited cruisers
  • contract cruising
  • customizable fields
  • phone & email support

$ 750+ month

Support Packages

If you need additional support or training, support packages can be added to your account. We offer both email and phone support packages.Contact us today to add one to your account.

  • Email support $50/month
  • Phone support $250/month

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between a "stand" and a "cruise" in Canopy?

In Canopy, a stand represents a physical place where a cruise can occur. A cruise represents a measurement of a stand at a particular moment in time. A stand may have multiple cruises (if you re-measure the stand after a few years, for example), but a cruise is only associated with a single stand. In Canopy, you must create a stand before you can create its cruise.

How do I set up a stand?

Choose ‘Create a Stand’ or ‘Upload a Stand’. Links for both of these options are found at the top of the Canopy pages. ‘Create a Stand’ allows you to manually digitize a stand boundary, while ‘Upload a Stand’ allows you to upload an existing stand boundary in either shapefile, kml, or kmz formats.

How do I set up a cruise?

To set up a cruise you will first need to create a stand. See the question ‘How do I set up a stand?’ for instructions. Once a stand has been created, from the stand detail page you will select the ‘Create Cruise’ link. This will direct you to a page where you enter you cruise parameters and create the cruise.

How are variation, confidence, and error used to determine the number of plots?

These parameters are used in a sample size formula to determine the number of plots needed to reach your statistical accuracy goals. See our blog about setting up a cruise for more details:

Can I manually enter the number of plots needed?

Yes, in the create cruise page you can manually enter the number of plots in the box underneath ‘Preview’.

Can I upload stand boundaries?

Yes, you can upload stand boundaries by using the ‘Upload Stand’ option found at the top of the Canopy pages. The file formats we currently accept are shapefile, kml, or kmz.

Can I upload plot locations?

Yes, in the cruise creation process you can upload a plots file. The link is found at the bottom of the cruise creation page. Acceptable formats are shapefile, kml, kmz, and gpx.

Can I edit stand boundaries once created?

No, you cannot edit the stand boundaries once they have been created. If you need assistance contact us at

Where do I access my reports?

Once a cruise has been completed, reports will automatically be run. When they have finished processing they can be found on the cruise detail page. Processing generally takes 15 to 20 minutes. You will see a series of diameter distribution graphs and below them a series of links. You will see options for ‘Basic Report’, ‘Cruise Report’, and if you have a Premium subscription you will see options for ‘Volume Report’. Clicking on a link will download the report.

What are the differences in reports?

Basic Reports provide tables that show trees per acre and basal area per acre by species and diameter class. The Cruise Report is your raw cruise data. If you are signed up for Premium reports then you will receive Volume Reports. These reports provide a summary of volume by species and product, as well as stock tables that further break the volume down by diameter class. You will also get summary statistics that show how well the cruise came out.

Can I cruise without Plot Hound?

Yes, you do not need to collect data with Plot Hound to use Canopy. You can create your cruise on Canopy and then upload the cruise data manually. On the cruise detail page, you will see a link called ‘Upload Cruise’. Here you can download an excel file template to enter your data and then upload to Canopy.

Can I edit cruise data?

Yes, you can edit cruise data that has been uploaded to Canopy. This is a similar process described in the question ‘Can I upload cruise data?’. When a cruise has been completed, you will see an option on the cruise detail page saying ‘Made a mistake? Fix your cruise data here’. Clicking here will direct you to the Upload Cruise Data page. You can download the cruise template which will have been populated with all your cruise data. Simply make your corrections and reupload.

How do I assign plots?

To assign plots to other cruisers, click on the ‘Assign Plots’ link on the cruise detail page. This will direct you to a page that displays the plots on the right hand side of the screen. On the left hand side, there will be a list of all the cruisers that are a part of your organization. Simply select the plots on the map to highlight them and then select ‘Assign Selected Plots’ underneath the appropriate cruiser.

What are merch specs and how do I set them up?

Merch specs are in integral part of Plot Hound data collection and our volume calculations. They define the products that are collected in the field and how they are handled in our reporting. In the specs you can define product names, dimensions, and volume units. See our blog on creating merch specs for detailed information If you have further questions contact us at

Can I change the specs associated with a cruise?

Yes you can easily change the specs associated with a cruise. You can do this on the cruise detail page. This is useful if you would like to alter the product dimensions or reporting units. If you add or remove products though, you may need to update your cruise data.

What are the differences between Manager and Cruiser?

Managers have higher level account privileges including the ability to create stands and cruises, create and edit merch specs, assign plots to cruisers, edit member roles, and edit account settings. While Cruisers have lower level account privileges. Cruisers do not have the ability to create stands and cruises or edit merch specs. They can only see cruises that they have been assigned and cannot view or edit any account settings. However, Cruisers have the ability to collect data using Plot Hound.

Can I be both a Manager and Cruiser?

Yes, users can be both Manager and Cruiser at the same time.

How do I add people to my account?

In your settings navigate to the ‘My Team’ page. There you can invite others to join your team.

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