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Introducing SilviaTerra Basemap

A forest inventory for every acre in the United States

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Together we can conserve our forests. Find out more on our collaboration with The Nature Conservancy and Microsoft AI for Earth.

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Sierra Nevada Mountains - 39°15'N 120°30'W

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Translate landscape intelligence to local action with SilviaTerra Basemap.

Timber Leads - Find the Wood You Need

Target your timber buying and increase your success rate with SilviaTerra's Timber Leads service. Customized leads are available anywhere in the continental US. Each lead contains estimates of merchantable volume by product, a property map, and landowner contact information.

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Comprehensive state & county level summaries

Get a bird’s eye view of trends, distribution, etc. across the whole landscape. Assess the sustainability of a woodbasket and identify opportunities for conservation.

Detailed parcel reports

All forestry is local. Every acre is unique - zoom in on individual parcels to get a high-resolution map of your property. Get estimates of the timber value on your property, the amount of carbon sequestered, and the wildlife habitat quality. How does your property rank compared to the other properties in your county?

“The unique thing about the SilviaTerra data, which is still pretty inaccessible and unattainable through other sources, is the tree-species composition”

Dr. Patricia Manley

US Forest Service

“This is important because, when you think about climate change mitigation or land conservation, you have to know what is where, how much is there, and how fast is it changing”

Dr. Lucas Joppa

Chief Environmental Officer - Microsoft

About Us

SilvaTerra is America’s Precision Forestry Company

We combine terabytes of space-age satellite imagery with centuries-old forestry practices to measure and monitor America’s forests. Our team of foresters, biometricians, data scientists, and programmers helps governments, conservation groups, landowners, and industry use data to improve forest health, productivity, and sustainability.

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Nan Pond, PhD

Lead Biometrician

Michael Holkesvik

Chief Technology Officer

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