Plot Reduce

Fewer plots
Same accuracy
More clients

Use the power of satellite analysis to cruise the smart way, getting the same insights from normal cruising with substantially less time in the field

Plot Reduce is invite-only

Cut inventory time in half

We analyze satellite data to find the most representative areas of the forest to place plots. Combining these plot measurements with satellite data yields accurate inventories in less time with less effort.

Think of the Plot Reduce method as a double sample. Just like you only measure heights on some trees to build a height model, with Plot Reduce you only need to measure some plots to predict the diameters and species of trees in similar areas.

You still cruise the forest, but you won’t waste any time travelling to plots that don’t provide new information. The Plot Reduce plot locations are grouped in tight clumps to reduce your travel time even further.

Grow your business

Plot Reduce lightens your cruising load so that you can spend more time with clients.

Don't spend time in the office crunching numbers - We automatically build stand tables and diameter-distribution graphs when you upload your cruise data. For even more time-savings, check out our volume reports.

A Case Study


Now — with Plot Reduce

Using traditional methods on this 2446 acre tract, a forester would need to cruise around 150 plots.

With Plot Reduce applied, we can achieve the same statistical accuracy with only 61 plots.

That's a 60% reduction in plot load.

How it works

Before the cruise

Set stand bounds

After logging in to your account, create a stand by locating your stand area on the map and drawing the bounds right on top of the map.

Receive plot locations

Once you submit your stand boundaries, we analyze satellite imagery to find the best places to put plots. A few days later, we send you the plot locations in a shapefile.


Cruise stand

You now have GPS coordinates for all of your plots. If you'd like, you can use our Plot Hound app to easily navigate to and collect tree data at each plot.

Upload cruise data

Once you've cruised the stand, you need to upload the tree data to the SilviaTerra website. If you cruised with Plot Hound, this is very easy. Otherwise, you can upload an Excel file with your cruise data.

After the cruise

Receive beautiful reports

Once your cruise data is uploaded, we process it and deliver a full stand table and a sleek diameter-distribution graph. It's as simple as that.